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HMC, Inc.‘s parent company, Hake Realty, has been in business since 1915. Throughout the years, we have seen many changes to our community, our business and indeed, our entire industry. We pride ourselves on being able to recognize changes and adjust our operation to best serve the public in the ways they want and deserve.

Hake Realty has been offering professional property management services for over 20 years. In 1987, Hake Realty formally separated it’s property management functions from the real estate brokerage business. Since then, we’ve grown substantially and in 2006, a wholly owned subsidiary, HMC, Inc.,  was formed to focus entirely on property management services.

HMC continues to be the largest property management company in the area serving the communities of Worland and Ten Sleep in Washakie County and Basin and Greybull in Big Horn County.

Laurie Browne joined the HMC management team in 2008 and handles all of the day-to-day property management duties. Currently, her portfolio consists of 5 multi-family properties (for a total of 22 units), 25 single family homes and 7 commercial/retail properties (for a total of 22 commercial/retail units).  We also have 3 farm leases.

Why you need a professional
  • Better renter selection, background checks, and pre-screening
  • Rental listings are taken care of, and usually reach a larger audience
  • Property Management fees are usually considered a tax deduction
Just the Facts
  • A large number of single-family dwellings across the United States are non-owner occupied.
  • The average number of units owned by investors is fewer than five.
  • There are many properties being managed either by owners or by managers who specialize in small properties.

If you would like to have your investment properties handled by a professional property manager, contact Laurie Browne to discuss the benefits she can offer to you. Call Laurie at 307-347-3229 or email to


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